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Success Stories

The following Success Stories are examples of how Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) result in quicker and more effective solutions to patient problems and center treatment around the patient being in control rather than the patient becoming reliant on a healthcare provider. The result: Fewer visits, lasting results and higher patient satisfaction. Maybe you would benefit from seeing a physical therapist who is certified in MDT.


Success Story #1

L.G. is a 36 year old high school teacher/ football coach and exercise enthusiast who presented with a 2-month episode of gradually worsening left shoulder pain and left arm numbness during the night, which began for no apparent reason. He was hindered from his usual exercising with weights and most overhead activities. He had an MRI which demonstrated a possible torn rotator cuff. He was advised in treatment options, though his doctor recommended that he first try physical therapy at Boca Raton Physical Therapy Center. Having fully recovered following knee surgery at Boca Raton Physical Therapy Center, he readily agreed to give it a try. He had pain and weakness most notably with reaching his arm forward, overhead and out to the side. As result of an evaluation by a certified MDT therapist, it was determined that repeated shoulder internal rotation was able to rapidly reduce his pain associated with reaching overhead. This was a clear indication of a shoulder derangement syndrome that was rapidly reducible. Accordingly, he was advised in a trial of self-treatment to confirm this theory. Upon his second visit, he stated that he felt 70% better and was able to easily reduce any recurring pain with self-treatment. Additionally his left shoulder strength was restored to normal and he noted having very little remaining restrictions with his daily activities. He continued with his treatment program and called 1-week after his second visit to report that he was feeling 100% better with the ability to exercise, reach overhead and throw a football without pain!!


Success Story #2

G.H. is a 63 year old male referred to BRPTC by his orthopedist for care of a 6-year episode of daily right low back and thigh pain. He had tried physical therapy at two different clinics without any change in his symptoms and was seeing a chiropractor 1-2 times per month for the past 4-years, despite essentially no change in his symptoms. Not letting his symptoms get the best of him, he continued to maintain an active lifestyle, including regular trips to the gym, exercise classes and golfing.  He was persistently reminded by the presence of his pain.  On MRI, he was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his lumbar spine. He was doubtful another try at physical therapy would be of any value, but decided to give it at least one visit. Based on the mechanical history and examination on his first visit, it was discovered that he was capable of moving his pain to his lumbar spine (centralization) and then becoming symptom-free with a specific direction of exercise that he could perform on his own. He left his first visit commenting that for the first time in 6-years, he understood specifically what caused his pain and what he could do to eliminate it on his own. He was impressed and felt a new found hope for relief. With guidance in a progression of self-treatment, he was capable of rapidly progressing from having some pain most of the day to having only very occasional low back awareness that he could abolish on demand. On his third visit, he said that he was 95% better with ability to perform all of his usual activities without discomfort. He was able to repeatedly bend in all directions without being able to reproduce any discomfort. He was advised how to remain better with preventive self-treatment and how to handle any warning signs should they ever recur. 50% of chronic back and neck pain can be rapidly reduced!!


Success Story #3

R.H. is a 76 year old male who underwent knee replacement surgery 3-months earlier and seemed to be recovering knee range of motion, thigh strength and function quite nicely. He continued to walk with a cane for safety, secondary to persistent knee pain which was explained to be the result of having major knee surgery and could sometimes take up to a year to go away in some patients. To be certain that his knee pain originated from his knee and not referred from elsewhere, his lumbar spine and hip were assessed as possible sources of his pain. With repeated hip flexion range of motion (ROM), his knee pain immediately felt significantly better. During the next week, he reported that his knee felt at least 75% better. He felt that any remaining knee pain was no longer a hindrance with most of his daily activities and he was confident walking without a cane. Though knee pain following a knee replacement can last several months, ruling out other possible sources of pain can potentially make life much more comfortable for some patients.

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